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This guide is to help you get the best out of your physio and/or occupational therapy session and go through common questions we have had about Physio/OT and what to expect. If you have anything else you’d like to discuss that’s not covered here before your appointment please contact us 1300 574 462

Your appointment will either be in clinic, at your retirement village/nursing home, home, pool/gym or via telehealth by a registered and experienced Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. Your therapist will go through your form you have completed as well as your doctors letter/referral if you have one, discuss with you what you want to achieve, and then will complete an assessment and treatment to help you achieve your goals. They may or may not do hands on treatment, prescribe equipment, exercises and work with your doctor and other health professionals to help your condition.

Absolutely! Just let us know in the contact section below and we’ll have someone contact you to discuss your specific requirements.

A physiotherapist (physio) Physiotherapists are experts in the structure of the human body and its movement. They work with people of all ages to treat a broad range of health conditions including sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions as well as chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, osteoarthritis, and stroke.

Occupational therapists use a whole person perspective to work with individuals, groups, and communities to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through participation in the occupations of life.

The term ‘occupation’ is used to describe all the everyday things we do in our life roles, but also the things we do to be who we are, the things we do to create a meaningful life and to engage with wider society and culture

Treatment may involve education, exercise, hands on treatment, or use of equipment such as TENS, ultrasound, or other modalities (if clinic/home visit), prescription of aids/equipment or a combination of these. You may not have hands on treatment every time. We will do our best to get the results you need with whatever treatment we involve. If you would like a particular type of treatment, please let your therapist know.

We are sorry to hear that. We will do our best to restore your faith in our professions! We have had great results with clients who have had bad results with previous therapy that commonly told us a) it hurt b) the therapist didn’t explain themselves c) they used electrotherapy too much d) didn’t do enough hands on treatment e) rushed you

If you have had a bad experience with previous therapy, please let us know so we can do our best to help you get a better outcome this time.

We will do our best to avoid this. We want to help your pain in the long run not make it worse! That said it is common for clients to get some soreness after their first session especially (much like exercising for the first time). Your physio/OT will let you know what to expect if there is a possibility of being sore after treatment. Its important to know that if you do get any discomfort it is not because you have had any damage and should settle within 1 day. If you have soreness more than 1 day, please let us know.

No, you do not. Physios are first contact practitioners which mean we can see a client without a referral. However, it is better if you have a GP to let them know so we can discuss your treatment with them. A GP may also be able to assist with writing a plan for physio for you which enables a rebate from Medicare for Physio.

Our practice provides private physiotherapy which does attract charges (in many cases rebates are available see below). There is hospital outpatient physiotherapy/OT at some hospitals which is usually free of charge. You can enquire with your doctor or hospital if this is an option for you waiting lists may apply and a doctor’s referral may be needed.

Please note that a care plan is NOT free. A care plan means that most of the cost of your consultation will be paid from Medicare to us, you will also need to pay a gap fee (currently $10 for clinic visits, or no gap for telehealth).

We try to keep our fees manageable and in line with current physio schedules with DVA and Care plans. What you pay will depend on your type of funding.

  • If you are under Workcover or DVA and have a current referral from your GP, then you will not have any out of pocket charges.
  • NDIS clients with a current service agreement in place will not attract any out of pocket costs.
  • If you have a care plan from your doctor (Enhanced Primary Care scheme) you will be charged a $10 gap fee for onsite (clinic) physiotherapy/occupational therapy.
  • Telehealth appointments under care plans will not attract a gap fee.
  • If you are a private client (no other funding models) you will be charged a fee of $85 for an initial consultation, $75 for follow up consultations a rebate may be available from your private health fund you should check for this prior to attending.
  • Travel if not charged to an organisation (WC, DVA, NDIS) is currently $88 per an hour billed in 15-minute intervals.
  • Please note we do not currently provide services for Anglicare clients.
  • Home visits can be provided we will give you a quote before agreeing that includes travel and all follow-up reports.
No sorry we do not routinely provide free/discounted physio/OT. A lot of our clients are on fixed or low incomes so it would not be fair to offer discounts to some people and not others. We also try to keep our fees as low as possible for all our clients. That said we always do our best to help those who need Physio/OT who are having trouble paying. If you are in in financial difficulty, please contact us and we will go through options with you.

Care plans are written by your Doctor and involve your Doctor, Physiotherapist/OT and one other health professional. The government pays us via Medicare, and you pay a gap fee of $10 for the rest of your consultation.

Your doctor will specify how many sessions of Physiotherapy you have on your plan. Please note

  • A maximum of 5 sessions can be used for all services i.e. Physio, OT, podiatry etc. You cannot have 5 of each, a total of 5 only can be used.
  • Care plan sessions can only be used within that calendar year i.e. if you have 5 sessions in July 2020 you will need to use all five before end of 2020, they do not carry over. You can use sessions from a previous year however it does not mean you can use the sessions next year plus another care plan. You can only use a maximum of 5 sessions per a calendar year regardless of when care plans written. *** Update – during COVID the government have announced that Nursing home residents can receive up to 10 sessions per a calendar year please check with your doctor for more information ((
  • You cannot get sessions from one doctor, then add on sessions from another. You still can only have a maximum of 5 sessions per a calendar year. It is your responsibility to check with Medicare yourself how many you have left.

No, we try to keep our physio free to do the most important thing (treat you!). Our admin team deal with all paperwork and payments. They will organise you with a booking form (available to be texted, emailed, on iPad or printed at our clinics) as well as take a holding deposit using a secure credit card system they will put through HICAPS and this card will be used for future appointments as well. If for any reason the payment does not go through the admin team will contact you otherwise they will send a receipt once your payment has been put through for any out of pocket costs.

All clients regardless of funding to hold their appointment need to pay a small amount ($10) that is used to hold your appointment for you. For care plan clients we will apply this deposit to your first treatment. If you do not have a care plan and have finished your treatment, please contact us and we will refund the $10 to you.

Yes, we do as we have a waiting list of clients and we do not want people missing out on physio. For appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice we charge 50% of the standard consultation rate (paid for personally not through any funding) and 90% for NDIS clients. So please let us know as soon as you can if you think you are unable to attend.

No if you attend our clinic you will not be charged our therapists travel.

We do charge travel for visits outside clinic i.e. home visit, pool/gym, school -anywhere outside of clinic. We will quote on the amount of travel needed. In some cases, such as Workcover, DVA and NDIS these travel costs are charged at the set schedule. Private clients will be quoted based on $88 an hour for travel currently (subject to change) billable in 15-minute intervals.

Please note travel charges are not based on just the therapist who is usually in the area – we quote based on what it costs us to pay a therapist to travel to fill in if the usual therapist is sick or unavailable.

Home visits/outside clinic appointments do take longer due to need to find a place, talk to those present, write notes/follow up reports and not being able to see other clients in the same area, affecting our ability to see clients in clinic or nursing homes.

We do not charge for clinical notes we wrote in normal circumstances.

If you require a medicolegal report we will quote on cost of this.

For organisations such as NDIS, WC, DVA we are required to write reports we charge as per the schedule.

We do not charge writing to your doctor about your care for care plans and private consultations.

We charge based on an average of how long a gym/pool/home visit etc takes including getting ready,parking, bringing/sourcing equipment, dealing with referrers, writing notes, and discussing with you and your family your needs. A typical home visit may only have 50 minutes onsite for 1.5 hours of total time needed (excluding travel). A follow up visit may have 30 minutes onsite for an hour of total time needed. Our therapist will always try to meet your needs -we do not charge longer if takes longer than average as well if you need more help. Our aim is to have you happy with the service and amount of time our therapist spends with you. If you have any concerns with this, please let us know.

Yes we can. We need to seek permission from the home to see their resident, and provide our AHPRA/police check/flu vaccination and any other requirements prior to attending. We will quote on nursing home treatments that need to be agreed to before we can attend.

We are happy to help with this if we can however it is your responsibility to work out how many visits you have left. You should check with your health fund, Workcover, DVA, NDIS or Medicare if you are unsure how much funding you have left. You should note you will be charged privately if you have accessed services not covered by your funding so you should check to know what you are covered for. Let us know if you are unsure who to speak with re this.

You can call us on 1300 574 462 or email in the contact details below and we will send you a booking form to complete. Your doctor may also send us a referral if you ask for this. A clinical co-ordinator will see if more details are required and we will then be in touch with a time for your appointment.

Yes. We need at least a signature at the end of the booking form that you have read and understood what is involved for medicolegal reasons.

We prefer to also have all your details, especially your medical history and questionnaire completed about Coronavirus to make sure you and your therapist have your complete health information.

In some cases, such as if your doctor referred, or you are one of our nursing home clients we may already have your medical information. Please fill in as little or as much as you feel comfortable completing your therapist will look at and go through with you if they need more information.

It is very helpful for our therapists to have your medical information before they see you -this gives them more time to prepare for your visit and what you want to achieve before your consultation, We keep all of your information confidential you can read our privacy policy here.

Yes, we keep a list of clients who need physiotherapy ASAP so that if a client does cancel, we can call and book a client on a waiting list to be seen instead. If you cannot get an appointment immediately and would like to be on a waiting list, please let us know.

There is no such thing as an unimportant question!

We also value feedback and will keep confidential if you wish to make a complaint. We follow a clear complaints management process where you will be kept informed of progress, given options for further action if you are unhappy with our response, and hopefully receive an outcome that works for everyone. We also love hearing from you if you think our therapist has done a great job please let us know also so we can pass that on to them!

If you have any other questions or would just like to chat more about your condition, please contact our friendly admin team on 1300 574 462 or email us info@alliedagedcare.com.au


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