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Rehabilitation (Exercise Therapy)

At Allied Aged Care we offer an extensive range of rehabilitation physiotherapy services for all clients, with a focus on rehab for seniors and the elderly after hospital stay for example after hip surgery.

Rehabilitation can seem daunting! It can be a challenging process, especially for older clients who need to adjust to their injury and a potentially long rehabilitation process. We try our best to make this process as easy as possible, while helping you get the results you and your doctor are looking for.

Rehabilitation physiotherapy focuses on exercise therapy. After surgery and a hospital stay an elderly client in particular needs to have rehab to get the best results. After a hip surgery, for example, even with a new hip/joint, you still have the same muscles you had before the operation and they might have been disused while you were in pain. You will need to learn to reuse these muscles, manage your pain, and adapt your environment to do your daily activities while you are rehabilitating. Rehab after hip surgery is important to be able to get back to doing the things you love!

Depending on their condition, some clients require up to 12 months of support post-surgery, although for most clients the initial six weeks of rehab after hospital stay are most important. This is when they get most of your function back.

We have been doing rehab in our organisation for over 20 years. Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists have great experience and passion for rehabilitation and especially the specific needs of older clients.

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Our Principles of Rehabilitation Exercise for Seniors and Others

  • Client-centred – YOU are the expert. We seek your expertise on your life, what you want to achieve and add in our knowledge of rehab for different populations such as the elderly and specific exercises and instructions from your doctor after a hospital stay.

  • Functional – We aim for our rehabilitation exercises to relate to the tasks and work you do. There is no point doing exercises for the sake of them. Functional exercises will be more meaningful for you and your life and motivate you when you see their impact on being able to do the things you love.

  • To treat you as a whole person and work as a team – We know you are going to need equipment at home to manage or adapt your life as you are rehabilitating, Our OTs work together with our physios to organise whatever you need. We also communicate with your doctor and family to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Manage pain throughout the process – We have a variety of tools and techniques that can assist management of pain including massage therapy, electrotherapy, heat/cold therapy and much more. Pain inhibits muscles which will make exercise less effective, and you feeling less motivated to do them!

  • To aim for rehab to be near you – We can see you at your home, your gym or pool, or rehab centre. You will be more relaxed in your own space and we can relate your exercises to the environment you are in and the tasks you want to achieve.

  • Caring – There is an old saying “You’ve got to know how much someone cares, to care how much they know!”. All our therapists are passionate about rehabilitation, especially in the elderly. Too many times clients don’t get back to function because they are seen as “older”. A good rehab program run by a caring trained therapist can help a client to get discharged from hospital or nursing home earlier.

  • Large focus on education – we explain in simple terms to you, and anyone you would like involved in your rehab, what we are doing and why.

  • We are big fans of “prehab” – That is pre-rehabilitation especially for hospital procedures such as hip surgery and with older clients. There is a lot of research, and we have seen many clients bouncing back much faster after a procedure if they’ve had some rehab prior to their surgery.

  • Extensive experience with the needs of the elderly – Due to our work with older clients at home and in residential care. An older client’s rehabilitation post hip surgery will be quite different to that of a younger client, requiring greater time, patience and understanding of their different needs. We also have options such as aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy), which can be particularly effective for the elderly following procedures such as hip surgery.

  • We focus on what you can do, not what you can’t – Plus have a little realistic belief in you that you WILL get better from where you are at the start of your rehab.

Please contact us to learn how we can help with your rehab needs! We can help elderly with rehab after hopistal stays (e.g. rehab after hip surgery) and provide other rehab for people of all ages.

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