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At Home Physiotherapy

A lot of our clients prefer at home physiotherapy over clinic and outpatient physiotherapy.

This is particularly true for a lot of clients who need aged care physiotherapy or are NDIS clients.

Most people are familiar with the word Physiotherapy commonly referred to as “Physio”. But each type of physio and how it works varies greatly.

Physiotherapy or “Physical Therapy” is basically the use of physical techniques, like massages, electrotherapy, joint mobilization, etc. and exercises to help clients restore function and movement.

Physiotherapists specialise in different areas for example paediatrics, aquatic physio, musculoskeletal, neurology and aged care.

At Allied Aged Care, our physiotherapists have experience in all areas of physiotherapy. We specialise in aged care physiotherapy, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, aquatic physiotherapy and working with those with disabilities under the NDIS.

Most physiotherapy in Australia is conducted in outpatient and inpatient hospital departments or private clinics. At home physiotherapy, also known as mobile physio, is relatively new and it’s demand is far higher than supply. Allied Aged Care commits to provide at home physiotherapy for our clients particularly in regional areas.

At home physiotherapy provides a lot of benefits to clients over in clinic and outpatient physiotherapy.

  • At home physiotherapy can be better for those who are find it difficult to attend clinics
  • Mobile physio is quite less painful for those whose painful conditions worsen during travel i.e. lower back pain are made worse by travelling in cars to clinics and sitting in waiting rooms.
  • Those with immune compromise/at risk of going to clinics due to their age or medical condition may prefer to have at home aged care physiotherapy.
  • When family members are unable with working/childcare to be able to bring an older client during workdays to clinics.
  • Aged care physiotherapy can give a better picture of what an elder is like in their own environment to help problem solve their specific problems.
  • Simply more convenient and no waiting around in clinics and outpatient departments.
  • NDIS, aged care and our health system are all about choice – you do not need a reason -if you prefer at home physiotherapy you should be able to access this!
  • Frail or unwell clients who have lost strength and condition
  • NDIS clients who are having difficulty attending clinics/outpatient’s physio
  • Those who are unsteady on their feet
  • People needing help or equipment for daily activities e.g. grab rails, bathroom equipment etc.
  • Those with specific exercise programs like post fall, post-surgery
  • Those in pain and having trouble managing/leaving the house
  • People facing trouble attending clinics due to difficulty driving or accessing transport
  • Those with weak immunity or who are at risk while visiting clinics due to their age or medical condition
  • Those older clients where family members are spending a lot of time trying to assist them to do daily activities, shopping etc.

Along with seeing clients at their homes, we also visit clients at pools for aquatic physio or gyms.

For more information about our services or our caring and highly skilled therapists, please give us a call!

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