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Occupational Therapy

Many people do not get help from OTs because they are initially unsure of what occupational therapy is. And how it can help them. As OT Australia states,

” Occupational therapy (OT) is a degree-based health profession, regulated by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Occupational therapists use a whole person perspective to work with individuals, groups and communities to achieve optimal health and wellbeing through participation in the occupations of life.

The term ‘occupation’ is used to describe all the everyday things we do in our life roles, but also the things we do to be who we are, the things we do to create a meaningful life and to engage with wider society and culture.”

If you are looking for “occupational therapy near me” to get help, you are in the right place. Our experienced and professional Occupational therapists will take care of you. Here is a list of all the areas our OTs can help you with.

  • NDIS clients that are children and adults under 65 with disabilities
  • Work injuries
  • Residential occupational therapy aged care clients
  • Clients needing therapy in their home
  • Mobility equipment i.e. walkers, wheelchairs
  • Home modifications
  • Seating
  • Ergonomic advice and workplace assessment
  • Injury prevention and management
  • Falls prevention
  • Pediatrics (kids) over 7 difficulties in ADLS, school, play
  • Behavioral management plans
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Mental health assessment and treatment

Occupational Therapy is there to help you through your tough time. To help you recover from pain and help you with everyday activities. Occupational Therapists work with clients and organizations to;

  • Assess and prescribe mobility equipment such as walkers,
  • Provide equipment to assist Activities daily living i.e. assistive devices for showers, kitchens, toilet/bathroom, gardening and much more
  • Modify home environments i.e. add grab rails, modify bathrooms, kitchens, access to houses such as ramps, stairs, handrails
  • Modify seating i.e. wheelchairs, office chairs, recliners etc.
  • Assess and treat pain, loss of range of motion and strength
  • Assess and treat cognitive and perceptual difficulties i.e. strokes, Parkinson’s, head injuries, dementia
  • Treat mental health conditions
  • Treat behavioral difficulties in kids and adults
  • Help children schooling, play and home life
  • Assess worksites and advise on injury prevention and treatment
  • Help prevent falls by modifying environments
  • Work with clients with aquatic physio (hydrotherapy) from an OT perspective.

You must understand from all this that if you look for “occupational therapy near me”, you will definitely get the help you need.

Our OTs work as valued parts of multi-disciplinary teams in all the regions we work at. All our physios will tell you that having an OT help with their clients leads to much better outcomes. This is because OTs possess the skills that physios do not.

We train our already experienced OTs in all aspects of community and private practice work. This includes residential occupational therapy aged care, visiting clients in their homes and much more.

They are always wonderfully caring and supportive. OTs at Allied Aged Care are skilled therapists who use the latest evidence to get the best functional outcomes. They focus on client centered goals to get the results that a client and their family want most.

So, if you want to find Occupational Therapy near me, we can assist. If you are unsure of exactly what you need please contact us and we can assist.

At Allied Aged Care and Blue Ribbon Allied Health, we provide services of highly experienced and caring Occupational Therapists. Our OTs work in regional and remote Queensland. So we are there for you for occupational therapy cairns and all other areas of Queensland. When a client contacts us asking to find Occupational therapy near me, we can help in most cases. We are dedicated to provide the best services to our clients in need.

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Our Occupational Therapists

These are only a few OTs ready to help you with all their knowledge and experience. If you look for occupational therapy near me, we will definitely help you out. Our professional and extremely caring staff will help you recover in no time. Be it occupational therapy cairns or other areas of Queensland, you can rely on Allied Aged Care to give you the help you need.

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