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Numbers are very important in aged care. For managers they determine care, staffing, capital works and how your stakeholders judge your performance.  For a therapist their numbers and type of clients determine their job satisfaction and growth as professionals. For a client numbers determine how much pain they are in, how healthy they feel and their quality of life. 


How are your numbers and ROI with your current Allied Health program?









  • Do you measure and know exactly what your numbers for Allied Health are?

  • Not just the total hours and hourly rate, but ALL the extra costs, the paperwork, equipment, super, holiday rates, training and recruitment retention?

  • What is your list size per a therapist? Is it sustainable and do you benchmark it? Have you allowed for turnover, sick leave, training, holidays etc?

  • How about your management/HR costs?

  • How good are your Allied Health and do you measure how they are finding all the funding you are entitled to, ensuring residents don’t refuse treatments and upping your bottom line?

  • What is the turnover rate of staff like? Are they happy/fulfilled and motivated?

  • Can your therapists provide great care, be well liked by the facility staff and residents AND get great economic results without bending rules?


Ask for our free ROI calculator and find out exactly what you are and could be receiving. 


You’ll see that even small differences can have a very big effect on your return. At one facility our rate was $4 an hour MORE than our closest competitor, and yet our ROI was 153% MORE than theirs!


 At Allied Aged Care, we provide a 554% return on investment on average.

Our last four nursing homes we have had a ROI of respectively 774 %, 819%, 414%, 569% (see case studies)



How do we get such impressive results?


  • We maximise facility profit whilst not sacrificing patient quality of care. We do this by understanding numbers AND people.

  • It is important to us (unlike larger allied health companies solely focused on profits) to have similar values where we may work. We are fortunate to be able to choose to work only at facilities that share our values of maximising the lives of our clients and going above and beyond for the residents we work with (while still helping facilities meet their financial aims also).  We specialise in the Sunshine Coast region, rural areas and employ local therapists who live and work in the same community.

  • We try harder to identify and target treatments with the residents that will have the greatest effect on your funding.

  • We do this with superior clinical care processes. We maximise your funding whilst keeping to an ethical and highly professional assessment process that ensures every resident has a correct and detailed diagnosis, functional limitation and identified pain to support the claim and satisfy even the pickiest of validators (we have never had a knockback or downgrade).

  •  We go back again and again, talk to family and carers, talk to doctors outside of the facility, request X-rays and scans (without extra charge) until we know we have all bases covered. We have effective strategies to identify areas other allied health miss, to make sure you are not missing out on any possible funding, and then keep all the funding you have gotten.

  • We meet regularly with your ACFI team and staff to ensure all areas that could maximise funding are covered, not just at “uplift time”. We know a missed swelling management could cost you at least $7550 a client and lead to the client not being well managed.

  • We set the highest standard of assessments and treatments which is evidence based and benchmarked across our sites. We don't just meet ACFI standards and minimums.

  • We are leaders in innovation, research and development of new strategies to get better results and care more at the same time.


The key numbers


0 -the number of knockbacks and validation downgrades we have had on over 1200 residents we have assessed and treated since 2012.

0.5% overall refusal rate of all clients. This includes residents with challenging behaviours who have previously refused allied health services. For example, an existing allied health provider had 21 clients not accepting treatment resulting in lost revenue of $600,000. Now all 21 of these clients are now routinely accepting treatment.  We do this with cutting edge mental health and behavioural strategies. We have used therapy dogs, reminiscence therapy, music therapy and many other techniques to get better results. We go above and beyond to minimise refusals and maximise client care and facility funding.


2 -The average number of days to complete prioritised reviews and assessments. You can claim faster, and have residents looked after sooner.  


554% ROI on average.


96% -Our success rate in identifying pain, and having a resident accept treatment for a client identified by a facility as beneficial for their funding. For example, at one facility existing allied health found 4 clients out of 40 in pain needing treatment. We found an additional 36 out of 37 identified by the facility as beneficial for their funding.

$140,000 cheaper in direct costs than our closest competitor for 100 bed facility. And a better ROI.


100% - The percentage of your nursing home residents that will access top quality care.


Our model works on EVERY resident in a facility having access to allied health exercise programs and mental health assessment (which also increases your funding) and treatment.  If there is no funding ie a resident is HHH already we treat free of charge and factor this into our prices, or a resident who is MHM needing a 4B to go to a MHH we could see at 60% cost. We don’t want anyone missing out on treatment.



Your investment and cost certainty


We are mobile and smaller so our costs to you are low. One all-inclusive and upfront low fee. We charge $82.95 an hour in Sunshine Coast/Brisbane/Gold Coast and metro. $92.25 an hour in rural and regional areas (GST exclusive). You only pay for the ACFI treatments you receive ie a 4A/4B would be $27.65 for a SC/Brisbane/GC home, $30.75 for a rural area. No extra charge for paperwork, ACFI assistance, holidays, super and we provide our own equipment and materials, transport and training. There are no hidden charges. Cost certainty + impressive return on allied health investment. Do you feel like this this smiley face below when you think of your allied health and ROI?.......



If not, then contact us now on 1300 574 462 or for a

free no obligation assessment of your needs.








Where to from here?


If you're keen to explore how you can increase revenue, decrease administrative stress, decrease the time spent managing allied health and enhance the quality of life for your residents, we'd love to help. And, we include a plethora of additional extras which are all included in our fixed fee, making us even better value.

The next steps are as simple as 1,2,3.

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