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We are happy to help anyone needing Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, especially in regional areas. We can see clients under Workcover, NDIS, DVA, care plans, private health funds and many other ways of funding.

We can see clients at home, in pools/gyms, nursing homes/retirement villages, clinics and via telemedicine, no matter what their type of funding is.

We will do our absolute best to help you get the treatment you need and work with you within your funding or budget.

We are here to help! We can explain to you what the different types of funding mean and what you will need to do to access them. This page answers common questions about Physio and OT funding.

It depends. Our practice provides private physiotherapy which does attract charges. However, in many cases rebates are available (see below). There is hospital outpatient physiotherapy/OT at some hospitals which is usually free of charge. You can enquire with your doctor or hospital if this is an option for you. Waiting lists may apply and a doctor’s referral may be needed.

If you access private physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, you may be eligible for a refund of some or all of the fees you paid, depending on your type of funding and who the referrer was. 

  • NDISWe are a registered NDIS provider. We love the NDIS improving the choices and quality of lives with people with disabilities. We charge NDIS schedule of fees to someone under the NDIS (either self-managed, plan managed or NDIA managed). We will work with you and your plan budget for what you wish to achieve. We see clients over 7 and under 65 for PT and OT (therapeutic support) for home visits, aquatic therapy, gym visits and in-clinic treatment.
    Please note we do not provide plan management, behavioural support or mental health treatment but can put you in touch with someone who can help with this.

  • Workcover/Work injury Have you suffered an injury at work or a car accident? We are registered with Workcover QLD, QCOMP and insurers to provide occupational therapy and physiotherapy for rehabilitation. We work closely with you, your doctor and insurer to help you return to work and improve your quality of life. You will not have out of pocket fees if you have a current certificate or an approved plan from your insurer. We can assist with provider management plans including aquatic therapy, gym-based rehabilitation, or clinic consultation.

  • DVA physio, DVA occupational therapy – We are grateful for the service of our veterans. We are registered with the Department of Veteran Affairs to provide treatment to eligible veterans when they have a current referral from their GP. We are aware of and fully support DVA’s treatment guidelines and best practice for health professionals.

  • Care plans (otherwise known as Medicare Care plans, Enhanced Primary Care schemes)
    Care plans are a great way for client’s with chronic diseases/conditions and disabilities to improve their health. Under a Medicare Care plan (Enhanced Primary Care scheme) you can access allied health professionals working with your GP and other specialists to help you manage your health.

    Please note that a care plan is NOT free. A care plan means that most of the cost of your consultation will be paid from Medicare to us, you will also need to pay a gap fee (currently $10 for clinic visits, or no gap for telehealth).

  • Private health funds
    All our physiotherapists and occupational therapists have provider numbers, which allows clients with private health extras cover to obtain a rebate for their treatment. You should check with your health fund what rebate you will receive. We have a HICAPS machine to help claim your rebate.

  • ACFI – ACFI stands for the Aged Care Funding Instrument.
    This is for eligible clients in Residential Aged Care who can access Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy specifically for pain management – The nursing homes decide who is eligible in consultation with Department of Health. An older resident having this type of treatment does not need to pay for our services as we are paid by the nursing homes directly. ACFI for allied health does not fund exercise or other treatments, it only covers pain management. Please note: Older clients in aged care who do not qualify for ACFI treatment can still access Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

No, you do not. Physios are first contact practitioners which means we can see a client without a referral. However, if you have a GP, we do suggest letting them know so we can discuss your treatment with them. A GP may also be able to assist with writing a plan for your therapy which can enable rebates or funding through Medicare, Workcover, DVA, NDIS or other funding options.

We try to keep our fees manageable and in line with current physio schedules with DVA and care plans. What you pay will depend on your type of funding.

  • If you are under Workcover or DVA and have a current referral from your GP, then you will not have any out of pocket charges.
  • NDIS clients with a current service agreement in place will not attract any out of pocket costs while in their budget for Physio and/or OT.
  • If you have a care plan from your doctor (Enhanced Primary Care scheme) you will be charged a $10 gap fee for onsite (clinic) physiotherapy/occupational therapy. Telehealth appointments under care plans will not attract a gap fee.
  • If you are a private client (no other funding models) you will be charged a fee of $85 for an initial consultation and $75 for follow up consultations. A rebate may be available from your private health fund. You should check for this prior to attending.
  • Travel, if not charged to an organisation (WC, DVA, NDIS), is currently billed with $88 per hour and charged in 15-minute intervals.
  • Please note we do not currently provide services for Anglicare clients.
  • Home visits are possible. We will provide you with a quote that includes travel and all follow-up reports, before booking the appointment.

No. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free/discounted physio/OT. A lot of our clients are on fixed or low incomes so it would not be fair to offer discounts to some people and not others. We also try to keep our fees as low as possible for all our clients. That said, we always do our best to help those who need Physio/OT and are having trouble paying. If you are in in financial difficulty, please contact us and we will go through options with you.

Yes, we generally can. We need to seek permission from the home to see their resident and provide our AHPRA/police check/flu vaccination evidence and any other requirements prior to attending. We will quote on nursing home treatments that need to be agreed to before we can attend.

Yes, our services are in demand. However, we try to make sure everyone gets seen as soon as possible. We also keep a list of clients who need physiotherapy urgently, so that we can call and book them in earlier if another client cancels. If you cannot get an appointment immediately, we will offer this option.

You can call us on 1300 574 462 or email info@blueribbonalliedhealth.com.au and we will take your details and send you a booking form to complete. Your doctor may also send us a referral if you ask for this. A clinical co-ordinator will see if more details are required and we will then be in touch with a time for your appointment.

If you have any other questions or would just like to chat more about your condition, funding, what treatment involves or anything else, please contact our friendly admin team on 1300 574 462 or email info@blueribbonalliedhealth.com.au

Want to book an appointment?

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