AAC – QLD Government Health And Environment Committee Submission

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Please see below a snippet from our full senate submission.

Why we are writing a submission to the QLD government

  • We are very concerned about how our mums, dads, partners and family members living in QLD nursing homes will continue to receive physiotherapy and allied health services after October 2022. We were contacted by many other concerned Queenslanders to make this submission. You can see their concerns in their own words in our attached Submission letters and comments. Dozens of people have written similar letters and comments to QLD federal MPs and senators.
  • We are afraid that under the Federal Governments’ new aged care funding model (the AN-ACC), QLD nursing home residents will miss out on physiotherapy and allied health services, which are vital for their care, or the families will have to pay for this themselves and be unable to afford it.
  • We are very worried about the effect that a lack of allied health in QLD nursing homes will have on the entire QLD health system, especially in regional QLD. Nursing home residents without allied health fall more (55% more without physio). They have more pressure injuries, pain (and therefore pain medication and associated side effects). This leads to more preventable hospital admissions and sadly, even deaths. Falls are the leading cause of death in older people. 37% of all deaths from injury occur from falls, with older people far more likely to die from falls, or have decreased quality of life after a fall, and an earlier death.
  • Not having allied health embedded in aged care causes more stress and cost to the resident, families, nurses and nursing homes as well as more load on the QLD public and private health system, as well as QLD taxpayers. Falls cost QLD taxpayers $101 million a year. Around 50% of the cost of falls in QLD is hip fractures, almost exclusively older people, and often in nursing homes. There are 10 falls a day of over 65s in QLD hospitals resulting in a fracture, which costs an average of $15,000 per a person, or $155000 a day to treat Source Having a physio and allied health professional regularly in nursing homes can significantly decrease these costs. Physio alone has been shown to decrease falls 55% which in this case could save up to $55 million per a year in preventable falls.
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